The craft of playing the Cello

 I am happy to welcome students of 6 years and older to my studio!

You will learn to play if you practice daily and attend lessons weekly, and remember that the cello always loves to hang out with you.


Level 1 Beginners

The youngest beginners follow the learning process presented in the Suzuki method. 

Older beginners use a combination of methods, described in the Teaching Methods section, and note reading is introduced from the beginning. 

Level 1:-Suzuki Book 1, 1st position, introduction to backward and forward extensions, introduction to the concepts of bow distribution, tonilization, quarter and eighth note rhythmic subdivision and one octave scales.


Level 2 Beginners

Mastery of Level 1 beginner technique is required before Level 2 material can be attempted.

Level 2:- Suzuki Book 2, shifting to 2nd and 4th position, more extensions, introduction to the concepts of varying tone production through combinations of bow pressure, speed and contact point, more complex rhythmic subdivision, bowing techniques and two octave scales.


Intermediate Players

Mastery of Levels 1 and 2 beginner technique is required before Intermediate Level can be attempted, whatever the age or previous playing experience. Technique is further developed through the weekly assignment of scales played in bowing patterns, the introduction of method books by Piatti, Deak and Dotzauer and by beautiful repertoire. 

Intermediate Level:-Suzuki Books 3-5, vibrato, shifting to 5th position, introduction to the middle positions, tenor clef and 3 octave scales.


Advanced Players

Mastery of Intermediate Level is required before Advanced Level can be attempted, whatever the age or previous playing experience.  At Advanced Level the focus is on learning classic cello repertoire, more studies and developing musicality. High School Juniors who plan to take college music scholarship or admittance auditions should be preparing early as applications require the preparation of challenging repertoire, and auditions take place early Senior year.

Advanced Level:-Suzuki Books 6-8, middle to thumb positions and 3 - 4 octave scales.


Mature Players

If you have always wanted to learn the cello but have never found the time to start, I encourage you to reach out and discuss the possibilities. It is never to late to learn! I have taught many mature students and enjoy the fresh perspective they bring to the experience of learning and playing. As my teaching approach focuses on using the natural movements within each student's capabilities, I am happy to work with you to see what is possible and what feels the most comfortable for you. 


Lesson Length

Level 1 Beginners:- 30 minutes consisting of  15-20 minutes of activities and playing and 10 minutes of Parent Education.

Level 2 Beginners:- 45 minutes

Mature Beginners:- 60 minutes

Intermediate:- 60 minutes

Advanced:- 60-90 minutes